2018 Jahr der Rohstoffe
2018 Jahr der Rohstoffe

Invest in commodities now with Picard Angst

Utilise the momentum: The business cycle, historically low prices, inflationary pressure, declining reserves and other factors create an ideal environment for investing in commodities. Choose commodity strategies developed by Picard Angst: With their attractive risk/return profile, they are extremely successful and have been outperforming their benchmarks for years. Speak to one of our experts now.

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Demand for energy commodities remains strong, and reserves are falling quickly. Geopolitical risks and rising interest rates continue to drive prices higher. It is not possible for production capacities, in US shale oil production for example, to be increased in the short term. The market outlook is bullish for all energy sources except natural gas.

Industrial metals

Mining sector investment has been scaled back dramatically since 2012. This has only become perceptible very recently. Strong global demand will be driven in the medium term by the transition to electric vehicles. Cobalt, lithium, copper, aluminium and nickel are benefiting from this change. The market outlook is bullish for all industrial metals except zinc.

Precious metals

The escalating trade dispute between the US, China and Europe is increasing the demand for and prices of precious metals. At the same time, the US government is lowering taxes and increasing spending. The result will be twin deficits, which will weaken the US dollar over the long term. This means the market outlook is bullish for precious metals except platinum.

Agricultural commodities

Demand is higher than supply for nine out of ten agricultural commodities. Corn and soy reserves are declining despite very good harvests in recent years. Prices are not good enough for producers to increase their capacity. The market outlook is bullish for the most important agricultural commodities except coffee and wheat.

Choose Picard Angst’s commodities expertise

The commodity strategies developed by Picard Angst in 2006 are extremely successful and have an attractive risk/return profile. They have been outperforming their benchmarks for years. With their intelligent composition based on economic representativeness, their optimal diversification and superior roll yield behaviour, they generate long-term outperformance with moderate volatility.

“Trade conflicts have weighed heavily on the commodity markets over the summer, however the strong growth momentum in the economic cycle will gain in importance sooner rather than later.”

Dr David-Michael Lincke, Head of Portfolio Management

Six good reasons to invest in commodities now

Business cycle

Towards the end of the expansion phase, commodities generate the best yields of all investment classes.


Commodities show the highest sensitivity to inflation, which drives commodities prices higher.

Interest rates

Rising interest rates provide additional momentum to commodities prices.


Stock reserves are declining for many commodities, especially crude oil.


Short-term production capacities are already exhausted in many places.


Many actors, including the US, China Russia, Iran and Venezuela, are stoking commodities prices.

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